Valued Customer Protection Plan
 As a Valued Member of our Customer   Protection Plan you receive 
PREFERRED TREATMENT, and you will have PEACE OF MIND with the Inspection, adjusting and cleaning of your electrical system may reveal problems BEFORE they cause trouble.

Along with COMPETENT EXPERTS AT YOUR SERVICE: A trained, dependable staff of experts for your electrical needs. Our Valued Customer Protection Plan increases the reliability of your electrical system, but should you need emergency service, you will receive preferential treatment.
PRICE PROTECTION: This agreement guarantees you our special "Value Rate" during the effective dates, saving you as much as 15%!
SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST: We know our business and are licensed and insured for your protection. You can rely on us to give you fast, dependable a Safety, Reliability, Efficiency, and PEACE OF MIND.

SAVE MONEY on all repairs with our Protection Plan!
$125.00 (First Year Rate)
$100.00 Renewal Rate (A 20% Discount)
Must be purchased no later than 30 days after the prior year’s expiration date.
All protection plans are fully transferable to the new owner, should you sell your home or business. This increases the value of your property and gives peace of mind to the new owner.
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